KHL attendance stats 2014-15

Regular season attendance analysis. Year on year increase of 341 fans a game, but is all as it seems???

Baby first month retrospective

A month ago, our family grew by 1 baby boy, our first. In the true spirit of Agile, and to document some of the experience we gained, I have decided to do a retrospective on 'project Baby’.

Rendering pixel art

Koiba uses a pixelated, retro look. This style is quite popular at the moment, because it looks great and is much easier for indie devs to create. For a great pixel art look, you need the expanded pixelated images to look sharp and crisp. Unfortunately for pixel artists, modern browsers are made to smooth images and perform anti-aliasing on fonts, so expanded images/fonts don't have a grainy look. Let's turn this off where we can, and use some workarounds where we can't.


The first game I'm making is going to be called Koiba. I have been working on this for the last 5 months, and it is nearing release! This is very exciting, and equally scary. I want to describe some of the design decisions I made in this game, and what I was trying to achieve.

Hello World!

This blog will be about the things that interest me, and what I feel I can share with the world. Being a programmer, it will mostly be tech things, as that is what I spend most of my precious time on. I mostly develop in Ruby and Javascript, as well as dev ops with Puppet. So there might be some of that. There might also be some bad jokes, I can’t always help myself.

I have been contracting for a couple of years (I’m available, get in touch!), but recently, I decided to start some product development. Instead of making task manager or blogging system (I don’t know what I was thinking), I decided to make something I’ve always wanted to - a game. Solo-development can get lonely, so I want to share some of my design decisions, struggles and triumphs with the blogosphere.

It so happens, that I started this game development concurrently with another major life event - moving to Russia. I am a Russian national, but my family moved westwards when I was 7, just over 20 years ago. We lived in Germany, Japan, Canada and for the last 14 years in the UK. While I will always feel Russian, I very much have western cultural values. I will try to write about the particularly interesting Russian experiences. My wife is also writing a blog about some of the things we’ve encountered, and just a guide about how and what to do in Moscow.